Flower Power

13 06 2008

The floral trend has been growing alot these days everywhere u look u see someone wearing a floral shirt or a dress or even a scarf. The floral print is hot but to an extent! dont over do it! here are some celebrities spotted sporting the floral trend:


even celebrity children are wearing the trend!! Violet affleck rocking the trend!






8 responses

13 06 2008

am likin the dres in 2nd raw left. Abeeeh!

13 06 2008

how cute!

13 06 2008

i think violet is the cutest baby celeb with the best taste in clothes.

14 06 2008

I love the flower trend! its so fresh;p

15 06 2008
Style Express

Ms.D: yeah its so cute ill check for the brand and inform u;)
nyxxie: thanks so much!!:D
peony: shes so cute!! yeah and suri also! suri has a closet any adult would die for!
purelyorchid: yeah it is!!

16 06 2008

the baby is so cute ;p love flowers 7ada summery

17 06 2008

I love florals, bought a floral skirt today!

17 06 2008
Style Express

Enchantuer: yeah she is!!! i just love them so fresh!!
Margherita: me 2!! i bet it will look so cute!

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