4 07 2008

I love how a scarf can make an outfit look really different and make a simple white tee look dressy and cute! I also love how they make a simple bag look gorgeous! Scarves are essential in every womens closet!! i wear them all the time and i think they are gr8!! here are my favorite pictures of ppl wearing scarves!! Enjoy





7 responses

5 07 2008

YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY Niceeeeeeeeeeeee I love them too 🙂

6 07 2008
Delicately Realitsic

Scarves have always been my favourite accessory.

6 07 2008
Style Express

Palomino: Thanks:P
Delicately Realitsic: yeah mine 2 they lighten up every outfit:D

11 07 2008

love scarves!

12 07 2008
Style Express

Saray: me 2 they r just the perfect addition to any dull outfit

15 07 2008

you can never have enough scarves!!

16 07 2008
Style Express

fashionista: yeah exactly!!!

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