6 07 2008

Hi everyone! I’ve wanted to add a poll in one of my posts but didn’t know how to!! I googled it and didn’t get helpful answers so i figured maybe u would know how to 😀 .. So for everyone that knows how can i add a poll for a post? thanks:D .. i’ll leave u with “the stylish pictures of the day” (pictures ive been looking at and lovin’ the way the look in it.. random pics of celebs or bloggers that are my favs today) Enjoy!!





10 responses

7 07 2008
Fastidious Babe

cant help u with the poll thing..

must get my hands on a vintage jumbo chanel! pronto! x

8 07 2008

Fastidious Babe: wee 7asafa .. yeeaaah i have one but its a little smaller!! thanks to my grandma;** 😛 ..

11 07 2008

sorry i can’t help you with the poll thing..
great blog BTW

12 07 2008
Style Express

saray: thank u so much!!

15 07 2008

i can’t help you sorry 😦

LC looks so cute snd i love your blog 🙂

15 07 2008

I really like Nicoles outfit. Especially the tee.

P.S. Thanks for the comment, you are so amazing!!!

16 07 2008
Style Express

fashionista: ooh :S .. yeah she does i love her style its so chic! THANKS so much :D!!
Kelly: yeah after posting it i wore the same outfit and went out to dinner with friends heheh i got INSPIRED:P .. ur welcome ur amazing also!! THANKS:D:D

18 07 2008
fashion chalet

I love so many of the looks for this Summer, from rompers to well fitting short-shorts layered with cute sunglasses and tops or scarves. Great post. Thanks for your comment, sweetie. xx

18 07 2008
fashion chalet

oh and I am adding your blog to my list of favorites 🙂

18 07 2008
Style Express

fashion chalet: i do too they are so flowy and fresh!!:D ur welcome:D thanks for urs also:D .. oh thanks alot:D im adding u too!!

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