Mix of Style Updates

29 07 2008

Hi everyone, im sorry i haven’t posted in a while now but i’ve been busy doing this project and finals are coming up! Enjoy the pictures

-I don’t usually like what Lindsey Lohan wears but i actually like this outfit alot!!

-Kirsten Dunst and Leighton Meester what can i say ALWAYS LOOKING GOOD

-Alexis Bledel looks very good from head to toe!!

-Jennifer Connelly looks really good i love it!!


Hope u enjoyed the photos!!




5 responses

30 07 2008

I love Alexis’ look the best, she looks amazing. I love that dress on her.

P.S. Thank you for your amazing comments.

31 07 2008
Style Express

Kelly: yeah she looks really good!! its the first picture ive seen of her that i liked what she was wearing!! nice makeover hehe .. ur welcome thanks to u also!!

31 07 2008

Alexis’s shoes are AMAZING!! and Leighton looks gorgeous as always.

31 07 2008
Times of Glory

I really love this style post! They have the perfect outfits for various occasions! You are so right! I don’t usually like Lindsey Lohan, but her outfit is really effortlessly cool and the 2 evening outfits are simply modern classics! I love them xxxxxxxx

3 08 2008
Style Express

Fashionista: yeah they are !! i would’ve never thought she would wear something like that!! Exactly she always looks gr8!! i love her look so fresh ! THnx i really need it:(

Times of Glory: thanks for ur comment.. yeah gr8 doing isnt it! thnx so much!

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