Just for Delicately Realistic

25 08 2008


– I found a new update of Leighton Meester enjoy it Delicately Realistic!:P


and more Katie Holmes updates:

– Love her Manly Blazer with those skinnies and those gr8 heels she looks gr8

– Also love this chic comfy look! love that vest!


Ali Larter:

– Doesn’t she look exactly like Rachel Zoe??! It’s scary!


Enjoy the pics!



16 08 2008

Hi, more updates! hope u like them .. 

– Natalie Portman wearing a very cute plaid dress and amazing Chanel sunglasses i think?

-Sofia Bush love the gladiators and the belted t-shirt dress!!

-Katie Holmes I’m loving her look these days! .. love the scarf n the sandals!

-Kate Hudson love that bright skirt!! AMAZING

-Last but DEFINITELY not least Nicole Richie love her whole outfit!! especially the bracelets and i love the shoe shes holding! nice buy


Enjoy the pictures!:D

More Celeb Updates

14 08 2008

Sorry all im posting these days are celeb updates i have little time to post so thats what i can!! hope ur enjoying!!


-Isla Fisher looks chic shopping with her baby!! i love her vest!

-Katie Holmes looking amazing with 3 different outfits(the 2nd 2 look the same but they actually aren’t)

-Leighton Meester and Blake Lively looking great as usual

-Lauren Conrad looks amazing!! love the pok-a-dot shirt so cute!! and i also love her oversized bright blue shirt which she paired with leather leggings! gr8

-Sienna Miller and Rachel Bilson look so simple and cute! love rachels hair and shoes and i love siennas cute sandals

-Sofia Bush also looks gr8 i love her stylish look while she was at LAX! fly in style

-Ashley Tisdale looks good!! i can’t beleive im saying this!! love her cutt-offs with her plaid shirt looks gr8!!


Hope u enjoy the post!!

Rachel & Katie

11 08 2008

More updates of Rachel Bilson I love her style she looks gr8 every time!! .. and i think Katie Holmes looks good here sexy and sophisticated!!


Enjoy!! (doubleclick on the pic to zoom)

Celeb Updates

8 08 2008

Celebs i thought look good this past week!!

-Loved Rachel Bilson’s look!!! She looks amazing!

-Leighton Meester looks gr8 in her maxi dress!!

-Jennifer Aniston look so flowy and summery and a little bohemian i like it! very simple!

-Lindsay Lohan has been wearing clothes that i actually like for a change


Teen Choice Award

5 08 2008

Hii I’m sorry i haven’t posted in a while i just finished my finals so didn’t have that much time!! I’m gonna take a short break cuz I’m traveling.. ill try my best to update while I’m gone.. before i go i have some pictures of the people I thought looked great at the teen choice awards.. Enjoy



Loved the long flowy snitched waist printed dresses!!

Also loved these colorful dresses!!

And these too.. i wanted to see more pictures of Olivia Wilde but couldn’t find any!! love the way she look from the top love the ruffles and the belt i would love to see the rest of her dress or maybe it’s a blouse? Oh well i don’t know please share pictures of her if u have some.. Thanks