Teen Choice Award

5 08 2008

Hii I’m sorry i haven’t posted in a while i just finished my finals so didn’t have that much time!! I’m gonna take a short break cuz I’m traveling.. ill try my best to update while I’m gone.. before i go i have some pictures of the people I thought looked great at the teen choice awards.. Enjoy



Loved the long flowy snitched waist printed dresses!!

Also loved these colorful dresses!!

And these too.. i wanted to see more pictures of Olivia Wilde but couldn’t find any!! love the way she look from the top love the ruffles and the belt i would love to see the rest of her dress or maybe it’s a blouse? Oh well i don’t know please share pictures of her if u have some.. Thanks






6 responses

6 08 2008

i loved olivia and scarlett’s dresses the best!

6 08 2008
J o u j a™

most of the dresses are STUNNING =D

7 08 2008
Times of Glory

Dear, have a great trip! Loads of fun! These dresses are really gorgeous! I love all of them and really like the 3rd one xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

8 08 2008
Delicately Realistic

WOW i love ruffles !!! Amazing top or top of dress ;’>

11 08 2008
Style Express

Issa: yeah i loved olivia’s.. thanks for ur comment!
Jouja: thanks yeah they are amazing!!
Times of Glory: Thanks!! u 2.. yeah me 2 !! love theeeeem!!
Delicately Realistic: Yeah i would love to see more!!

29 08 2008

yes i love Olivia’s but i want to see the rest of it..blake looks sexy in that dress!!

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