More Celeb Updates

14 08 2008

Sorry all im posting these days are celeb updates i have little time to post so thats what i can!! hope ur enjoying!!


-Isla Fisher looks chic shopping with her baby!! i love her vest!

-Katie Holmes looking amazing with 3 different outfits(the 2nd 2 look the same but they actually aren’t)

-Leighton Meester and Blake Lively looking great as usual

-Lauren Conrad looks amazing!! love the pok-a-dot shirt so cute!! and i also love her oversized bright blue shirt which she paired with leather leggings! gr8

-Sienna Miller and Rachel Bilson look so simple and cute! love rachels hair and shoes and i love siennas cute sandals

-Sofia Bush also looks gr8 i love her stylish look while she was at LAX! fly in style

-Ashley Tisdale looks good!! i can’t beleive im saying this!! love her cutt-offs with her plaid shirt looks gr8!!


Hope u enjoy the post!!




2 responses

29 08 2008

i love lauren’s shirt and the whole outfit is so put together..reachel looks great as always and so is Leighton,and katie really love her baggy jeans and i love the look on her!!

20 09 2008

I’m loving your posts!
In this one, Sienna’s got to be my favourite!

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