16 08 2008

Hi, more updates! hope u like them .. 

– Natalie Portman wearing a very cute plaid dress and amazing Chanel sunglasses i think?

-Sofia Bush love the gladiators and the belted t-shirt dress!!

-Katie Holmes I’m loving her look these days! .. love the scarf n the sandals!

-Kate Hudson love that bright skirt!! AMAZING

-Last but DEFINITELY not least Nicole Richie love her whole outfit!! especially the bracelets and i love the shoe shes holding! nice buy


Enjoy the pictures!:D




7 responses

17 08 2008

I love Sophia Bush and Nicole Richie.
And Suri looks so cute.

19 08 2008
Fastidious Babe

is nicole’s bag miumiu? i love how absolutely fabulous she looks! WOW!

19 08 2008
Fastidious Babe

ok i dont know what happened to my comment! love nicole’s outfit.. fabulous as always..

22 08 2008
Delicately Realistic

More Leighton Meester plz !!

23 08 2008
Style Express

Margherita: i do to!! yeah she does!! shes such a stylish kid!:P
Delicately Realisitic: hehehe ok im posting all i find 😛

29 08 2008

Nicole is amazing i just love her ,and GOD i want thoes Givenchy shoes!!!

2 09 2008
Style Express

Fastidious Babe: Ur comments showed up as a spam i don’t know why:S hehe yeah nicole looks gr8!! umm no its balenciaga the motorcycle black bag! i love it !

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