Just for Delicately Realistic

25 08 2008


– I found a new update of Leighton Meester enjoy it Delicately Realistic!:P


and more Katie Holmes updates:

– Love her Manly Blazer with those skinnies and those gr8 heels she looks gr8

– Also love this chic comfy look! love that vest!


Ali Larter:

– Doesn’t she look exactly like Rachel Zoe??! It’s scary!


Enjoy the pics!




8 responses

29 08 2008

i love Leighton!!!

and i want katie’s Givenchy shoes ❤

LOL you are right Ali looks like Rachel Zoe in that pic 🙂

30 08 2008
Style Express

Fashionista: i love her tooo!!ee 3ajeebeen!!!!!! i have something for u im gonna post it tomorrow check it out!

30 08 2008

wanasa i cant wait 🙂

31 08 2008

oo ana ? mako post 7agi? 😛

2 09 2008

Awwwwwwwww for me??

Thanks so much !!

Oh and the first episode of season 3 is today 2nd sept !!

2 09 2008
Style Express

Fashionista: i dont know why its everytime i try to post the pic i3alig!! ill try again n let u know when i do ..!!

Enchantuer: imbala inshala ill post something for u hehehe!

2 09 2008
Style Express

Delicately Realistic: ur welcome:P .. yeah i just saw it!! nice episode!!!

3 09 2008

it’s ok hun take your time,but i still cant wait lool ;p

and if you are talking about GG,i didn’t see the first episode and maybe i wont see the whole 2nd season till it comes out on dvd 😦

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