Fashion Week:Street Style!

18 09 2008

Fashion week is just simply amazing and we all wait for each show anxiously! Waiting to see what’s the new “trend” for that season, what’s the “color” of the season and such… But what i love even more (just alittle bit;p) is the street style during that week! I wait to see what every fashionista walking around outside the show is wearing, how she accessorized her/his outfit they are just simply amazing! Here are some i loved! Enjoy! oh and sorry i didn’t update for a while!





(Click to Enlarge)


*(Pictures from thesartorialist and altamiranyc)*




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20 09 2008
fashion chalet

Great pictures. I love ‘street candids’ always seem to have a way of making my heart sing!! 🙂

Thanks for the comments and Teen Vogue vote/comment. Unfortunately I didn’t make it into the top 20 finals. I think it was my age?? 😦 Because every other entrant was 21 or younger… I’m old I guess? 26. But am often told that I look 17….. I hope to one day be in a magazine though. It’s my one wish, really…..

Thanks again!

xo/ fashion chalet

20 09 2008

I love all these outfits:) But in Poland the weather is bad now, so we need to wear warm clothes;)

20 09 2008
fashion chalet

I heard they changed their editors and employees? A bout 3 or 4 years ago I won an “It Girl” contest for my outfit and they sent me free clothing from 3 different Target/Go International collections. I was even offered a modeling job with Nike for a mall show, but was going out of town that very same weekend. 😦 I believe the overall look/attitude of the magazine has changed since then. Oh well. Maybe something better will come along the way? THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!!!

All my love!!

xo/ fashion chalet

20 09 2008
Style Express

Alice Point: I love them too!! Here it’s still summer and i got bored!! i really want to wear some hot f/w trends i’m looking forward to it!!

Fashion Chalet: Awwhh!! thats too bad!! u would’ve done a super job modeling! oh well u don’t know maybe it was a good thing saying no! Ur welcome glad to lend it!

22 09 2008

Love love love it so much , the streetstyle is great during fashion weeks 🙂

22 09 2008

Everyone looks so chic, wow!

22 09 2008

great outfits!!

22 09 2008

Amazign looks.I love street style and during the fashion weeks even more.

22 09 2008
Style Express

Lara: i totally agree!!:p yeah it is!
Romeika: yeah, i loveee!!!
Fashionista: i want there closets!:P
Mimi: yeah me 2! they dress up more during fashion week and they all turn out looking gorgeous!

23 09 2008
savvymode sg

all very savvy! it’s great seeing what other gals are wearing to draw ideas for oneself.

24 09 2008
Style Express

Savvymode sg: Thanks, yeah it does actually!

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