Katie Holmes Style

27 09 2008

Recently all the pictures spotted of Katie Holmes was her in boyfriend jeans folded on the bottom, at first we loved it, but by time i just got bored of it! Today Katie was spotted looking AMAZIING! in black shorts, tucked in grey tank and a long black cardi! Oh and gorgeous heels!! Take a look!:D



(Click to enlarge)

(*Pictures from: Justjared.com*)




13 responses

27 09 2008
Delicately Realistic

Luv long cardi’s!
Must stock up on them for winter ;>

27 09 2008
Style Express

Delicately Realistic: Yeah me 2!! i think zara has some plain ones! Oh, and gap 3indihom striped ones! grey+white and beige+Pinkish purple!

28 09 2008

i liiike =)

28 09 2008
Style Express

Charmbracelet..N: i like too hehehe ;p

28 09 2008

i love this so much 🙂

28 09 2008

i’m such a lover and a hater of her. i definately love this style though. but the whole tom cruise thing. probably the worst thing she’s done. LOOVEE her dawson days though 🙂

28 09 2008

She looks really good!!! Finally something different for her:)

28 09 2008
catherine ashley talks fashion

she is really evolving- fashion wise..


29 09 2008
Style Express

Fashionista: Me too! she looks amazing!

Ashleigh: Yeah same here! sometimes she just does it perfectly and other its just plain ugly! Lool! yeah but they have a cute daughter so thats good hehehe :p me 2!! i loved dawson creek times! it seems she thinks shes better than everyone i dont know why i get that vibe from her!

Sasi: I agree!!

Catherine ashley talks fashion: she really is! hope she continues though!

29 09 2008

I like that Katie Holmes aka Mrs Cruise ;o) is taking risks fashion wise,shes a young woman and should have fun with her clothes.

29 09 2008
Style Express

Marian: Yes she is and i think the choices shes making are gr8! Agree! Oh btw WELCOME BACK!!! WE MISSED YOUUU!!! ;***

29 09 2008
fashion chalet

I sit with iTunes on and start creating these collages for all of you, so your comments mean the world. So happy you like them! 🙂

xo/ fashion chalet

7 10 2008
Style Express

Fashion Chalet: We love them!! and we love that u take the time to make stuff to share with us!! Thanks alot ;**!!

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