Looks of the week!

6 10 2008

Some celeb sightings of the past week that i loved!! enjoy!




-I just had to add Suri Cruise to the photos! She looked so adorable! I love her looks shes so chic!!:P

(Click To Enlarge)




13 responses

6 10 2008

awww suri a7la outfit 9ara7a!!

6 10 2008

I love Katie’s first outfit, the one with the blue dress, wow! And Suri is so cute!

6 10 2008
Style Express

Fashionista: ma tyaniin?!! itzaaaawiiiiqqQ!!! tinwikiiil!!

Sasi: Yeah me 2!! she is soooo cuuuuteee!!!

6 10 2008

eeee 7adha zouqa ;**

7 10 2008

wonderful leggings!!suri is very cute!kisses

7 10 2008
Style Express

Nayra: She is!! i love her clothes! she always looks gr8!!

9 10 2008

Suri Cruise is soooooo cute!!!

9 10 2008

Ohhh Suri, what a cutie!

9 10 2008
fashion chalet

Leighton, Katie & Suri!! ❤

xo/ fashion chalet

10 10 2008

Little miss cruise always looks utterly darling! would not be surprised if the toddler has her own stylist on speed dial.nice post hun

11 10 2008

natalie looked perfect as always.
i also really like leighton and rachel’s outfits here.

11 10 2008
Style Express

Saray & Mireia: she is the ultimate fashionista haha!

Fashion Chalet: Me too!!

Marian: Lool agree!! but that’s a good thing or else she’d be wearing something hideous! thnx ;*

Frankie&Tallulah: I love her she is so chic and sophisticated!! Flawless.. Yeah they always get it right don’t they!

8 11 2008

Owww, Suri is the sweetest thing:)

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