Stylish Makeover #2

15 10 2008

Reese Witherspoon. Ever since she got divorced and started dating Jake her style has grown so much. To the better that is! I love how everytime any star breaks-up her style evolves hehe! Such a nice revenge! So these days shes looking gorgeous!! Here are some pictures! Enjoy..




*(Click to Enlarge)*




12 responses

15 10 2008

so true

15 10 2008
Style Express

Saray: Right?! And i’m loving it! Suits her so much! She’s a hot momma now hehehe:p

16 10 2008

she is gorgeous!

17 10 2008

awww i know she’s so sweet!

18 10 2008

Agreed, her style is growing a lot.

19 10 2008
Delicately Realistic

Shes always dressed well.

19 10 2008
Style Express

Fashionista: She is!

Jilian: I agree!!

Sasi: It is and im loving it!

Delicately Realistic: totally agree!

19 10 2008

I have fallen completely in love with your blog!!!!! really nice! anything to say about the stella shoes!!! loveeeee

19 10 2008

She’s gorgeous in a different way

20 10 2008
fashion chalet

Thanks. Your comment made me smile out loud, if that even exists? 🙂 Thanks for that.

PS: I heart Reese’s classic style. Great choice!

xo/ fashion chalet

20 10 2008
Style Express

oL: Thank u so so much!! Ur comment really made me smile! hope u always stop by!:D oh and those stella shoes are to die for!! there on net-a-porter if u want them!

Mireia: Totally Agree

Fashion Chalet: Awhh!! haha it’s ok well make it exist!:P Ur welcome babe;*! Yeah i do to!!

22 10 2008

i love her look, she’s become more “adult”but still very stylish and on trend

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