Looks of the Week

23 10 2008

So here u go! Your weekly dose of celeb updates, (stylish celebs that is hehe.) Jessica Stroup looks amazing in that cute yellow bandage skirt+simple black tank and a gorgeous black blazer she was debuting Kitson’s 90210 Collection in West Hollywood. Next Alexa Chung looks gorgeous in her skinnies+stripped shirt with a blazer also! Oh and her famous Russell & Bromley loafers! dying to get a pair!!.. And those beautiful models walking around looking great as usual!.. Hope u enjoyed..


*(Click to Enlarge)*




19 responses

24 10 2008
frankie and tallulah

oh… Alexa looks so sweet

25 10 2008

the two models on the end look amazing ugh the boots are stunning!

25 10 2008
Style Express

Frankie and Tallulah: She does right!!

Jillian: They really dooo!!! my god they look so goood!!! love there boots!!!

26 10 2008


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I hope u like!!


27 10 2008
Unwise Pedestrian

Love Jessica’s look!!

27 10 2008
Style Express

Yasminmatos: Hiii.. Thank u so much i really appreciate it! Oh and i just dropped by ur blog and loved it! Hope u stop by again 😀

Unwise Pedestrain: Me 2! She looks great!

28 10 2008
Gabriella Sidhu

Love the yellow bandage skirt – so gorgeous and she has paired it so beautifully, yet simply with the black.
Great blog hun, look forward to reading more!!

28 10 2008
Style Express

Gabriella Sidhu: I agree!! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the lovely comment;** hope to see u back here:D

28 10 2008

First time checking out your blog! I love it! Those boots on the right are to die for!

29 10 2008
Style Express

Alex: Thanks so so much, i really appreciate it!! tell me about it!! and they both are wearing them!! arrgh so jealous!!! …

29 10 2008
fashion chalet

yay for boots and Silver! ❤

xo/ fashion chalet

29 10 2008
Style Express

Fashion Chalet: Yaaaay!!:D:D

29 10 2008

Love all of them!

31 10 2008
Style Express

Mireia: thanks me 2!

3 11 2008
Q8 Fashionista

love the Models outfits!!

5 11 2008
Style Express

Q8 Fashionista: Me 2!! I love there boots!

5 11 2008

I love Jessica Stroup’s outfit. very chic

6 11 2008
Style Express

Newyorkecherie: Yeah me 2! Love the blazer look in general:P… Oh and do u own a blog, if u do plz include ur link cuz i would love to take a look:D

31 12 2008

ahh i love every single one of them!

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