8 11 2008



For all u girls that were searching endlessly to get those hunter boots, we can all finally get them fast, here at Net-a-porter or Shopbop. Go get yourselves some hunter boots, they are so easy to wear and are a winter must-have this year.

Here are Ashley Olsen and Emma Nygren sporting the hunter boots and they look amazing:








Enjoy ..

(P.S. This is dedicated to Peony  get the boots u wanted ;*)




15 responses

9 11 2008
Annie Spandex

Hmm… now that I see them on the twins I get it. I want a pair!

10 11 2008

i love these boots! my friend has them and theyre so comfortable. I’d wear them even on a sunny day.
I love the way they look with Ashley’s leather jacket! I think that too much leather is a tad gross, but I love boots so this would work so well.

10 11 2008

am definitely getting one of those! its like a winter must-have.

10 11 2008
Style Express

Annie Spandex: Hehe yeah get yourself a pair! The good thing about them is its only 52 pounds which is not bad!:D

Newyorkecherie: They are amazing!! So comfy and they look great with everything. They make a boring outfit seem more interesting!!

10 11 2008
Style Express

Nora: Yeah u should!! They’ll look great with any outfit:D

12 11 2008
Fashion Chalet

I’ve been craving these for days, weeks, yearss!! 🙂 great call

thanks for your comment on my award, which I also pass on to you ! 🙂

14 11 2008
Style Express

Fashion Chalet: Awwhh;** Thanks!! .. Yeah me 2!! I can finally get them 😀

14 11 2008
Fashion Chalet

thanks <3333

Oh I hope to get the book, so very badly, too!

16 11 2008

Love them. And I also adore when I see a child wearing them, so cute!

16 11 2008

Black wellington boots – why not! 🙂

16 11 2008

Black wellington boots – why not! 🙂

17 11 2008

great pictures
i love that look

20 11 2008

AHH i love my rainboots so much. i just got brown ones with croc print and whenever i check the forecast and see that its gonna rain i get so excited hhaa

23 11 2008
Style Express

Mireia: I agree!! They look adorable wearing them.

Alicepoint: Exactly:p

Fashionista: Thanks.. yeah me 2! It gives whatever ur wearing an edge!

8 12 2008

I want a pair of these desperately!

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