Take Your Pick

5 12 2008

Hii everyone!! Sorry i haven’t updated in a while and haven’t commented on ur blogs, I missed u all;**. I was very busy with midterms and university.

Im back now and i would love to see what you all thought of the sketches designed by all of the top designers for Michelle Obama to wear to the upcoming ball. Here are a few of my favs, for designer details visit WWD.




Enjoy.. and share your favorites in the comments. Thanks XOXO




5 responses

6 12 2008
Fashion CHALET

I love the purples and lilacs best! 🙂

Thanks for the comment on my outfit outdoors. My brother is pretty patient to come along on my photo escapades. I really love the Britney CD did you get it? Tallulah is so cool, she’s a fun girl it seems. And down to earth as well.

I heard you have to register at thesupermelon.com to be able to vote. THANK YOU for your vote if you choose to go through with it 🙂 your blog is great and so are your comments. ❤

love, xx …….

6 12 2008

I love the dark blue one(beneath the yellow one) with a huge bow at the front and a smaller one at the back. very lady-like and classy.

6 12 2008
Style Express

Xing: Oh the Lacroix coat! Its gorgeous isn’t it!!

6 12 2008
Fashion Chalet

ONLY YOU– yes definitely a favorite ❤

6 12 2008
Fashion Chalet

i appreciate your taking the time to register and vote, your comments mean so much to me as well! ❤


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