The Famous Ad…

15 01 2009

We’ve all seen the new Miu Miu ad with the beatiful Katie Holmes. A new picture just got released and might i say it’s just as good as the first one. Miu Miu + Katie Holmes? .. GORGEOUS!!! 

 Just take a look at the pictures:



Need i say more?…




12 responses

16 01 2009
Fastidious Babe

mm she looks different

16 01 2009
Style Express

FB: She really does!! i like the new look it suits her

16 01 2009
Ex-clamation Mark

She does look different, in a better way (less skinnier hehe)
Lovin’ it!

16 01 2009

these pictures are fantastic and oh my god thank you so much i love those! i am so going to get one! you’re the best!

18 01 2009
Style Express

Ex-clamation Mark: She does!! Me 2!!

Natalie: Shes gorgeous!!.. Your welcome:D thanks!!

21 01 2009
Miranda L

loove katie holmes! shes so different from who she was on dawson’s 🙂

22 01 2009
Style Express

Miranda L: She looks gorgeous!! Totally different!! Oh btw i just added u to my blog list.

24 01 2009

those two girls are damnly cool both! xD

check out my blog also, dear. waiting for yer comment. 😉

31 01 2009

I’m not usually a fan Katie, but I have to admit, those shots are gorgeous!

7 02 2009
Style Express

Putrii: Both pictures are of Katie Holmes! She looks different doesn’t she!

Merily: I agree! There amazing.

24 03 2009

I couldn’t agree more!

23 06 2010
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cool pics style and glamour

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