Hunters Part 2

25 01 2009

Im baaackk, i finished all me finals yesterday ;D .. I have a month and a week of lovely vacation! I missed all of ur blogs and i can’t wait to catch up.


Ok so i’ve mentioned how much i love Hunter boots and i think i love them even more. Hunter has decided to collaborate with Jimmy Choo to create limited edition pairs of amazingly gorgeous croc, with leopard lining,  gold buckle hardware & metal rivets, wellingtons. Check out the pic for yourselfs, isn’t it gorgeous? 



They are retailing for approx. $395

Please email the following address if you wish to be contacted when the boots are in stock-




The Famous Ad…

15 01 2009

We’ve all seen the new Miu Miu ad with the beatiful Katie Holmes. A new picture just got released and might i say it’s just as good as the first one. Miu Miu + Katie Holmes? .. GORGEOUS!!! 

 Just take a look at the pictures:



Need i say more?…

Street Style: Video

11 01 2009

I’ve been wanting to post this but it hadn’t been working. So here u go… I loved this video so i thought i’d share it with u all. They all look gorgeous!


Here’s the link incase it doesn’t work:

Season’s Best..

26 12 2008

I know i’m said i was going to post this sooner but I had alot of work to do. Sorry everyone, Heres my picks of the best boots of the season. This list grows daily but i had to narrow it down;p. Maybe i’ll do another one soon.





(P.S: For any ID’s just ask in the comment section)

Coming up New years outfit picks…

This Winter I’m Addicted to…

24 12 2008

BOOOOOOOTSSSS!!!! All kinds, short, mid, over-the-knee, don’t u just love them! In all different kind of materials from suede to Wellingtons i just cant get enough! This pair of boots i saw on Nicole Richie recently caught my eye! Its a wedge heeled boot that looks like flats. I fell in love! And after lots of research finally got to the answer. They are buy Tara Subkoff and they are made in different lengths+Materials. Here are the pictures of Nicole Richie wearing her lovely pair!


P.S: Fav. boots of the season coming up tomorrow…


Dedicated to Q8 Fashionista

7 11 2008

Ok so during my summer vacation, i was walking around and enjoying the beach and weather, so i was looking at the peacefully parked boats when suddenly i see this one:




As soon as i saw this boat i had to snap a photo of it, and on the spot i remebered Fashionista!! So this is dedicated to u and to all u fashionista’s out there:D



P.S.: (Sorry i haven’t updated in a while i’ve been really busy with university)

I’m Loving Part 2

29 10 2008

Finally! After much anticipation and waiting, The house of harlow 1960 is available for all of us:D .. Nicole Richie’s jewelry line is finally available for us to grab at kitson! It’s very ethnic and bohemian, and ranges from $12-125.. We all have seen some of the jewelry on her walking around and on the Ellen Degeneres Show!!! So all u girls out there that were dying to check this out, it’s here:D In the above picture, all jewelry worn is from her line and the headband also!! hope u enjoy!!:D