Snake rings

18 07 2008

I’ve been looking at photos of MKA & Nicole Richie’s jewelery and have come across them wearing AMAZING snake rings!! I’m in love!! does anyone know where i can get one? here are some pictures of them! aren’t they just the best!! ♥

Enjoy and if u know where to get one plz share thanks:D



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19 07 2008

Aaah I absolutely love these rings. I would try stores like Urban Oufitters or Forever 21 if you don’t want to spend too much money on items like these. Otherwise they should carry them in stores like Barney’s.

19 07 2008
Style Express

Joy: i love them too they are amazing im in love!!! really!! i would like to spend to much on 1 and get lods of fake ones:D .. thaaank u so much

20 07 2008

I love big and eye-catching rings:) I wrote about it in my newest post;)

Have a nice day:)

20 07 2008
Style Express

Alice Point: they are so funky love them!! thanks for stopping by u 2!

28 07 2008
Times of Glory

I am totally drawn into these rings! Seriously, they are gorgeous! I want to get one as well xxxxxxx

28 07 2008

Oh I love these rings!! Amazing!!

29 07 2008
Style Express

Times of Glory: they are!! i want one toooooo;'( i still didnt find the perfect one:(
Kelly: i love them too!! they are just gr8!!

2 08 2008

i love big rings! I have too many… cute blog

15 12 2010
23 05 2011
Snake rings « Maidstonejewelry's Blog

[…] web. I found that present day celebrities and Hollywood personalities are also in to snake rings. Nicole Richie, Angelina Jolie, Adam Lambert (of American Idol fame), Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum, Elisabeth Taylor, […]

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