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1 01 2009


Happy new years everyone!! I can’t believe its 2009! OH MY GOD it seems like just a month ago i went to my friends house to celebrate the 2008 new years! Its gone by so fast! I had a blast and i think all of u did too. I wish u all the happiest most stylish year ever!

From blog girls to models to celebs, here are some of the looks i loved in 2008;** (Ok so i was gonna make a top 10 list but really couldn’t stop at 10 and couldn’t chose which ones i like better cuz i love them all!!)




These are just a teeny tiny amount of pictures from my lovely nearly exploding inspiration folder! Hard to pick favorites from so some of these I chose randomly!





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2 01 2009

I love all those looks!

2 01 2009
Style Express

Lesley: Thanks!!

2 01 2009

great post! great pictures! happy new years!

3 01 2009

Really love the people and the looks you choose! Haha got some pretty strange words for word verification at blogs to!

happy newyear!


3 01 2009
Style Express

Natalie: Thanks so much;** Happy New yrs to u too;p

Esmee: Thanks i love them too;P .. Yeah they are so funny hhaahah 😛 Thanks Happy new years to u too:D

4 01 2009
Ex-clamation Mark

Love your blog! And happy new year to you too!
Just one question, do you randomly choose the pictures or do you put them together because you feel they go together?

4 01 2009

ooo it really does look like that tank! i think it might be. thanks!

5 01 2009

i love these!! very cute. i love whatever is next to the picture of 5 models and i also love the girl with the purple scarf and purplish-pink bag.

5 01 2009
Style Express

Nat: Ur welcome. Hope u find one;)

NewYorkeCherie: Thank u so much:D.. The five girls are some of the staff of teen vogue .. and the girl with the LV purple leopard scarf+ YSL bag is Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma shes the editor of Bazaar Russia.. Isn’t she gorg!! Love most of her candids!!

5 01 2009

i know! i can’t wait for it to come on tonight!

9 01 2009

Reeeally inspiring!!!!

9 01 2009

lovely lovely work…am quite enjoying your site here, my first visit and definitely not the last…all the best in love, luck, and fashion in the New Year…

hugs, M

11 01 2009

Very nice inspiration!
I haven’t been in my inspiration folder in forever.

14 01 2009
Style Express

oL: Thank u:D

Meg: Thanks so much!! U really made my day:D:D!!!

Margherita: Thanks.. I love my inspiration folder or should i say folders!! And i also love the fact that it keeps growing!

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