Mix of Style Updates

29 07 2008

Hi everyone, im sorry i haven’t posted in a while now but i’ve been busy doing this project and finals are coming up! Enjoy the pictures

-I don’t usually like what Lindsey Lohan wears but i actually like this outfit alot!!

-Kirsten Dunst and Leighton Meester what can i say ALWAYS LOOKING GOOD

-Alexis Bledel looks very good from head to toe!!

-Jennifer Connelly looks really good i love it!!


Hope u enjoyed the photos!!


Guess What!!!!?

20 07 2008

All u fashionistas out there waiting to get ur hands on anything by elizabeth and james WELL be happy cuz NET-A-PORTER is gonna have it soon!!!! go and register ur interest in the brand so they can get it as quick as possible:D YAAAY!!




Snake rings

18 07 2008

I’ve been looking at photos of MKA & Nicole Richie’s jewelery and have come across them wearing AMAZING snake rings!! I’m in love!! does anyone know where i can get one? here are some pictures of them! aren’t they just the best!! ♥

Enjoy and if u know where to get one plz share thanks:D

Stylish Makeover

18 07 2008

After anne hathaway’s break-up i’ve noticed her style has evolved alot!! she looks amazing and i consider her a style icon! she looks great break-up works for her!! enjoy recent pictures of her stylish new self!

Enjoy 😀

Leighton Meester Style Star

17 07 2008

Spotted blair woldorf looking gr8 while walking around in a great beige dress belted with a braided brown belt and some gr8 pairs of gladiators and again another day walking her dog wearing the simplist white tank top and cutoffs rocking the same pair of gladiators!! Also, again out with her boyfriend at night!! great style girl!! rock it!!


6 07 2008

Hi everyone! I’ve wanted to add a poll in one of my posts but didn’t know how to!! I googled it and didn’t get helpful answers so i figured maybe u would know how to 😀 .. So for everyone that knows how can i add a poll for a post? thanks:D .. i’ll leave u with “the stylish pictures of the day” (pictures ive been looking at and lovin’ the way the look in it.. random pics of celebs or bloggers that are my favs today) Enjoy!!



4 07 2008

I love how a scarf can make an outfit look really different and make a simple white tee look dressy and cute! I also love how they make a simple bag look gorgeous! Scarves are essential in every womens closet!! i wear them all the time and i think they are gr8!! here are my favorite pictures of ppl wearing scarves!! Enjoy