Hunters Part 2

25 01 2009

Im baaackk, i finished all me finals yesterday ;D .. I have a month and a week of lovely vacation! I missed all of ur blogs and i can’t wait to catch up.


Ok so i’ve mentioned how much i love Hunter boots and i think i love them even more. Hunter has decided to collaborate with Jimmy Choo to create limited edition pairs of amazingly gorgeous croc, with leopard lining,  gold buckle hardware & metal rivets, wellingtons. Check out the pic for yourselfs, isn’t it gorgeous? 



They are retailing for approx. $395

Please email the following address if you wish to be contacted when the boots are in stock-






13 responses

28 01 2009

(if only I didn’t look like a total fool/clown/midget in hunter boots!)
Those are killer

28 01 2009

Mmm…that’s love.

29 01 2009

LOVE ’em. ❤

30 01 2009
Style Express

HF: They aaare aren’t they.. oh im sure u look gorgeous in them !!

Lesley: It is……

FashionChips: Me 2!!!! Can’t wait for them to be on the market!

3 02 2009

oh my lord, those are amazing! so chic and.. expensive looking. i dunno.. i think i’d rather pay $100 more for those than UGG boots..

and replying to your comment: i figured the bag would be heavy because of the chains!! it’s so cute though. i love the colors!

3 02 2009

WOW! :):)

4 02 2009

Fantastic blog! Simply amazing!

4 02 2009
Style Express

Alice: Totally agree!! Can’t wait for them to come! If u really want one, send them an email, they have limited pieces available so nows ur chance.

Amie: Exactly!

Elena: Thanks so much!! So sweet of u!! I hope u stop by again 😀

4 02 2009


5 05 2009
loft in soho

Wow! I need,
I love your blog,


5 06 2009

Those are completely amazing!And you have a great blog by the way!

14 06 2009


13 12 2009
Wrecked Stellar

I was just saying today as I walked in the rain how I need to still buy a pair of Hunter boots. These are fantastically rad!

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