Season’s Best..

26 12 2008

I know i’m said i was going to post this sooner but I had alot of work to do. Sorry everyone, Heres my picks of the best boots of the season. This list grows daily but i had to narrow it down;p. Maybe i’ll do another one soon.





(P.S: For any ID’s just ask in the comment section)

Coming up New years outfit picks…




6 responses

26 12 2008
Fastidious Babe

mostly ankle booties then? i liked the over the knee boots trend.. not something i would wear tho xx

27 12 2008
Style Express

Fastidious Babe: Heheh those where the most interesting this season so thats why i had alot of them .. Yeah i loved the over-the-knee boots too!!

28 12 2008

aww thank you for the comment! i love your blog too! this is such a great post. i love all these shoes especially the little shorties with the studs. yeah let’s exchange links! i’ll add you right now!

29 12 2008

ohhh so many boots!

30 12 2008
Style Express

Natalie: Ur welcome;* thanks for stopping by.. Yeah isnt it amazing!!! I just added u 😀

Geri: Yeaaaah

14 01 2009
Vintage Tea

I need to get some cute heeled booties. Great choices!

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