This Winter I’m Addicted to…

24 12 2008

BOOOOOOOTSSSS!!!! All kinds, short, mid, over-the-knee, don’t u just love them! In all different kind of materials from suede to Wellingtons i just cant get enough! This pair of boots i saw on Nicole Richie recently caught my eye! Its a wedge heeled boot that looks like flats. I fell in love! And after lots of research finally got to the answer. They are buy Tara Subkoff and they are made in different lengths+Materials. Here are the pictures of Nicole Richie wearing her lovely pair!


P.S: Fav. boots of the season coming up tomorrow…





6 responses

24 12 2008
Fastidious Babe

flat boots are soo comfy!

24 12 2008
Style Express

Fastidious Babe: They are!!!

26 12 2008
Fastidious Babe

where are u fave pair!?

26 12 2008
Style Express

FD: Hehehehe:$ .. sorry i had no time to post these past days. I just did though, hope u like them:D

31 12 2008

this is such a cute rainy day outfit!

2 01 2009
Style Express

Natalie: It isss right!! I looooovee it!!

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