Look What I Found.

16 12 2008



(The Cobra Snake)


For a Good Cause…

16 12 2008

Whitney Port has designed some scarves that are created by women from Rwanda. Personally i think the scarves are ‘Ok’, they are simple scarves u see in every store, cheap or expensive, vintage or new, they just have a ruffled feel to them. They are cute and can be a staple in ur wardrobe because of there plain colors. Plus its for a good cause, all the money go to these women of Rwanda. I think i’d buy one to help them all. For more info visit Whitney’s Blog. Oh and to purchase those scarves go here.



American Fashion Book

10 12 2008

I was scanning through this weeks arrivals at net-a-porter and came across this:



1 of 30 in the world. Its signed by many designers and comes with a full letter from the President of the CFDA which is Diane von Furstenberg. I personally would love to read or skim through but to buy it? I don’t think so, with that price tag i’d rather by myself a dress, bag, shoe etc.. So would any of u buy it?


More pictures HERE


Take Your Pick

5 12 2008

Hii everyone!! Sorry i haven’t updated in a while and haven’t commented on ur blogs, I missed u all;**. I was very busy with midterms and university.

Im back now and i would love to see what you all thought of the sketches designed by all of the top designers for Michelle Obama to wear to the upcoming ball. Here are a few of my favs, for designer details visit WWD.




Enjoy.. and share your favorites in the comments. Thanks XOXO


8 11 2008



For all u girls that were searching endlessly to get those hunter boots, we can all finally get them fast, here at Net-a-porter or Shopbop. Go get yourselves some hunter boots, they are so easy to wear and are a winter must-have this year.

Here are Ashley Olsen and Emma Nygren sporting the hunter boots and they look amazing:








Enjoy ..

(P.S. This is dedicated to Peony  get the boots u wanted ;*)

Dedicated to Q8 Fashionista

7 11 2008

Ok so during my summer vacation, i was walking around and enjoying the beach and weather, so i was looking at the peacefully parked boats when suddenly i see this one:




As soon as i saw this boat i had to snap a photo of it, and on the spot i remebered Fashionista!! So this is dedicated to u and to all u fashionista’s out there:D



P.S.: (Sorry i haven’t updated in a while i’ve been really busy with university)

I’m Loving Part 2

29 10 2008

Finally! After much anticipation and waiting, The house of harlow 1960 is available for all of us:D .. Nicole Richie’s jewelry line is finally available for us to grab at kitson! It’s very ethnic and bohemian, and ranges from $12-125.. We all have seen some of the jewelry on her walking around and on the Ellen Degeneres Show!!! So all u girls out there that were dying to check this out, it’s here:D In the above picture, all jewelry worn is from her line and the headband also!! hope u enjoy!!:D